No Music Challenge – Pushing Yourself Week!

I love speaking about mental challenges within fitness and running with you guys because I believe it is so real and some perspectives aren't discussed enough!

I personally, struggle mentally when running especially. My mind gives up a lot faster than my body which can result in me not even finishing a session, which is heartbreaking. I feel as if I don't have motivation and if I'm behind on the time my coach wants out of me, I tap out because I feel like it's not worth it to continue.

So I want to challenge that and to figure out how to strengthen my mindset. I always run with music when I'm out alone and there's a lot of motivation that comes from music through the beats and the words and just how you feel about the song, so I took that away in my run today and boy it made a difference.

It was uncomfortable to head myself breathing so loudly and all the cars around me. It was also hard, just like training to push myself and to not stop to take an extra breather because I couldn't breathe or the lactic was building up or because it felt as if I was going too far from home! I carried on, persevered and I did it!

This week I want to focus on pushing past the mind and I want you to to (is that right lol?) If that means exercising without music then I dare you to! Going to a new gym, I dare you to. Mental health is just as important as physical health and it must never be overlooked!

How to do you strengthen your mind or what needs to be strengthened this week? Let me know in the comments.


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