30 Day Full Body Challenge ! 

Due to the mumps that I had last week, I’ve had a whole week off from training but by Monday I will be back into it 100% ! 

To start off, I’m doing a 30 day full body challenge that we typically see on Pinterest. I’m not a fan of these kinds of challenges, I don’t think they make sense but I felt like I should really see what they’re all about just to check it out! 

I found this off Pinterest and unfortunately I don’t know who the credits belong to but THANKS! Day one was done and done and I’m ready to tackle this for the rest of the month ahead! 

PS: I have a new video about my new 12 Weeks of Greatness Challenge where I will be posting fun videos for the next 12 weeks! Stay tuned – here’s the first episode: 

30 Day Full Body Challenge – 12 Weeks of Greatness EP1

PPS: Feel FREE to join me on this! I guess these challenges are a good way to start so let’s kick start it hard this week! 


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