What’s Cracking June?

I cannot believe that it’s already June … that means we are six months into the year? Where did the time even go? 

I have preached this for about the whole year but it is indeed time for new goals for the new month! These don’t have to be the same as a New Years resolution, they can be relatively small. Maybe you’d like to drink more water this month, or you’d like to start a program! That’s great and I fully support it. The trick is to never rush into anything. Take. It. Slooww. 

Since my running season is over, we have officially began winter training which is more quantity than quality (cue the lactic!) However I am currently preparing for a “championship” and tour all in September! 

It’s going to be very difficult to aim to peak within 11 weeks but just like I’ve said, I’m planning to make small goals at the moment in order to achieve because I believe goal setting is something that is essential!

Some of my goals: 

  • Run 1:48 in 600m
  • Attend Physio and a Biokinetiscist more often to strengthen my body
  • Streeeeeeettchhh
  • Sleeeeeeeeppp
  • Stick to my program 
  • Balance school and training just like I have throughout the year! 

Here’s to a prosperous month and one filled with goals! I hope you guys achieve them πŸ™‚ 


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