What Breaking 2 Taught Us

On the 6th of May at 5:45 AM in Monza, Italy, , Nike hosted a ground breaking event for the running community. it was an attempt to break the two hour barrier for the marathon.

How it worked is that Nike looked at many athletes from around the world who they felt had the potential to break the 2-hour barrier. They tested their bodies, looked at their strengths and weaknesses and came down to three athletes who they believed could break the 2 hour-barrier: Eliud Kipchoge, Zersenay Tadese and Lelisa Desisa.

There were various lessons that I learned from this race, it was inspiring, and spine-chilling all at once:


  • It takes time to succeed. Do not rush the process

All three men had been marathon runners before but when it came to preparing for the race, they had to train for three years. It wasn’t a rushed decision that they would have to compete in 6 months. They took three years. Now a lot can happen in three years, you can get sick, you may get an injury or you may even pass but I think it just shows that you need to trust the process. Trust the dream and you will achieve what you want. We just need to be patient.

  • Make time for the things you want

I think in order for anybody to achieve the things that they want out of life, you must be willing to put in the work. You need to be able to shut off the negative mind set and to persevere. I think someone who persevered a lot for me was Eliud Kipchoge. That was because he was not expected to win, his PB was miles from a sub-2 hour time and in every interview he had with Nike building up to this, he said that he was willing to work hard and he believed in him self so much. This inspired me so much I have no words.

  • You may not be the one who is supposed to succeed but do not let that dictate your outcome

Eliud Kipchoge was not the favourite throughout the race. The other two were expected to win more. But Kipchoge kept up with the pace and was the underdog all along. He went from a time of 2:03:something to 2:00:25! He focused on himself and he didn’t try and go ahead of what was set for him. that is a lesson I am still waiting to learn myself in my own training.


If you witnessed the fitness of Breaking 2, let me know what you thought of it, did you learn anything? This was a fantastic race. I hope you find your barrier and break it, jump over it, swim over it – whatever it is! This race has ignited a fire within my soul to find my Breaking 2 and I hope it has inspired you too.


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