Sleep Test

This week, I decided to control my sleep patterns and make it better so that I could feel better throughout the day. Various things changed in order for me to develop a routine and possibly get the best sleep possible. 

Things I changed: 

  1. I turned my phone off at 20:30 an hour before I would start prepping for bed so that I could shut off from electronics for a whole hour. I hear that helps with trying to sleep. 
  2. At 21:30 I turned the main light off and turned on my lamp so that the room was darker and my body would realize that it’s time for bed. 
  3. A developed a self-care routine from 21:30-21:45 which entailed things like brushing my teeth and then a full on stretch session. 
  4. 21:45 the lights were out and I was in bed. By 21:50 my Fitbit usually said I was out like a light! 
  5. I also stoppped drinking water at 20:30 because I don’t enjoy waking up to pee … 
  6. I woke up at 05:00 every morning to either exercise or work on different days. 


Overall I think it was a good learning curve because I was able to develop a routine for my body which is still effective to this day because by 21:30 I am ready to pass out! However, I only felt refreshed for the first 3 days and this is probably because I was only getting 6 and a half hours of sleep. So I am going to change it again this week to passing out 21:30 and waking 05:20 and seeing if that makes me feel better. I mean twenty minutes is a lot still! 

My advice: 

I definitely think setting a routine is so helpful on so many levels and everyone should find a time they are willing to commit to everyday of the week because there is no point if you only wake up at these times during the week – where’s the routine in that? I challenge everyone to try that this week and try get a sleeping app to measure your progress. I use my Fitbit surge but I can guarantee there are free apps which are just as helpful! 



    1. Thank you! Yes I totally agree. I’m working on finding the best time for me to wake up so that I can feel energized 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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