Why I Workout Alone… And Enjoy It…

I’m a lone wolf. A lone soldier, and if that made no sense then I sincerely apologize! 

I like to exercise alone. To have my earphones blasting in full in my ears, talk myself out of putting in 100% effort (we’ve all done that, don’t lie) but it’s just me. 

I quit playing a team sport because I just didn’t enjoy it. There’s a lot of pressure when you work as a team because if something goes wrong, one person may have caused it and it can affect the whole mood of the game. Or the team may not mesh as well to have a good output. 

I believe in working hard for me and on my own. Which is probably why I love athletics so much, because it’s up to me how many hours I train, it’s up to me to push myself, not anybody else. 

I can totally understand why people would do it but it’s not for me. Not as an everyday activity at least, what about you? 



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