Mindset for Winter Season

As I walk into winter season as part of my athletics training, I’ve been finding myself giving a lot of “pep talks” lately. 

It sucks that I didn’t make my provincial team and didn’t have a chance at nationals. This year, I had high hopes that I would and this would the best athletics year! Like no jokes, all my goals were focused on athletics. 

So I need to tell myself something and maybe anyone else who is struggling the same as me. 

Athletics is hard. It’s so hard, it requires so much from you and girl you need to remember (speaking to myself now and anyone who needs to hear this), last year was your first season! This was only your second season out of the three that you need. Next year – you might not make it again but hey, this year was the best and you can’t lie about it. You walked away from the season with 6 medals in total, BIG PB’s and you are feeling stronger than ever in your first week starting winter. Promise to not lose hope, promise to focus on yourself and to believe that this whole change to 400m will be worth it? Okay? 

This is a public promise to work my assss off this winter! I can feel it in my bones that me changing to 400m will be a good choice. I just need to believe it. And if anyone else needed to hear this, then we are going to get through this together okay? Okay!! #BringOn2018


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