A Place to Log my Meals and Workouts! 

I don’t know many people who exercise without jotting down what they’re doing, how they do it and how it felt it in the end. I feel like reflecting on your workout and anything in general is so good for you, and writing them down as well in general is good to track your progress. 

I have two ways to track my meals and workouts:

  • My Planner:

If you cannot read my handwriting, don’t stress, sometimes I can’t either. I use my Planner to write down my plans for the week and sometimes I’ll write how I feel about them in a diary entry format. I love this because I love having a plan of action for the week. It keeps me accountable and then I have no excuse because I’ve already planned it. E.g I planned to do BBG W14 arms this morning, and later this afternoon I plan to do my track session. 

  • Instagram: 

I don’t usually plan my food because I eat all the time and I eat everything so I genuinely can’t plan. But if I do happen to have a good meal, I post it on the gram! I had a great workout and feel on cloud nine, I post it on the gram! I know a lot of BBG girls who have created accounts just to hold themselves accountable and I promise it really does help. 

So that’s me! I can guarantee that there are a thousand other methods to stay accountable and log your activities and indulgences. If you have other ways, you know what to do, please comment and let me know! I’d love to try it out. 

Also, follow me on Instagram @phumikhumalo_ to make me want to post more food and sweaty selfies!  


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