My Favorite Place To Workout

See where I got this challenge from 101 challenges, 1001 days!

Day 5: What is your favorite place to workout? 

Okay excuse the sad face, but believe it or not, I love the gym! I actually think the track and the gym are my two favorite places to be. 

I love the gym because it offers such a variety of things. A variety of exercises, a variety of machines to use, a variety of classes and my favorite, a variety of people. 

When I got there I saw, no offense if it’s offending, but really old people absolutely killing it! I saw young kids following their parents (which was really cute).

The gym has a lot of people working hard around me which makes me want to work hard. I feel like if you didn’t want to exercise even though you planned to, just walk into the gym and I promise you’ll want to kill it. Plus, nobody cares what you’re doing. I’ve actually seen that a lot of people are friendly, all you have to do is flash a smile even if you’re dying!

The atmosphere that we are all here to work hard and do great things makes me want to come back time and time again. So yeah, I look super sad in that photo but only because I was in the middle of BBG and Kayla was whipping my butt to the core! 

What’s your favorite place to workout and how does it make you feel? Let me know in the comments! 


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