Supplements vs Vitamins – What’s my Take? 

Hi readers, please note that I have gotten this blogging challenge from 101 Challenges 1001 Days

Day 3: Do you take any supplements or vitamins? If so which ones and why? 

I have seen a lot of people who are into fitness on Instagram talk about pre-workout and post-workout stuff, vitamins, supplements to enhance their muscle performance, but I actually do not take any of it. 

I simply don’t take it as I am only 17 years old (turning 18 next month!) and I don’t believe I need it. I have been able to grow muscle and perform well without it. I also prefer to get my nutrients from fruits and vegetables as I can fully believe it was not manipulated for my benefit. 

What I do take which is similar to a “shake” is basically All Bran in a shake! The ingrediants are in the image below: 

I try and have this either 30 minutes before my workout or as a typical breakfast. For a post workout, I have a Steri Stumpie milkshake (I drink all the flavores because they are so yummy so Steri Stumpie – shout out to you!) 

So that’s me! I recognize how old I am and how detrimental these things could potentially be to my body but I believe you could go on with life without it and receive these nutrients and vitamins through foods. Do you agree or do you believe we need them? Let me know. 


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