Should Running Be A Punishment? 

Before I start, here’s the link to the blog where I found this challenge > 101 Challenges, 1001 Days

Day 2: Share Your Thoughts and Feelings About Governments Recent Announcement That Running Should Be Used As a Form of Punishment Within Schools. 

If I am fairly honest, I did not know that this was a thing. In South Africa, I have not heard the government announce this but I can imagine that other countries have done so. 

Basically, the government wants to use PE and any kind of physical activity as Punishment so that people won’t repeat their actions. 

I think it is wrong to use it as punishment because I for one, absolutely adore running and I would love for more and more people to discover it and get the same feels as I do. 

I also think that when schools introduce PE and show fun ways to be fit, it kind of serves as an educational tool because this could be the root that grows as they grow and encourages kids to be healthy. 

For instance my brother – I always make him race me or have a desire to swim so that he can continue to be fit and see it as a stress reliever, a way to enjoy yourself and stay healthy. 

When you put it as a punishment though… kind of defeats the purpose don’t you think? They’ll never want to participate in physical activity because they will always have a negative experience of it. 

Conclusion: Health and Wellness is a positive thing and shouldn’t be used as a punishment especially for the young ones. The impact you have on little ones has the potential to remain whether it is positive or negative for the rest of their lives. 

Give your opinion, what do you think? Should physical activity be a punishment or a way of encouragement and self help? I’d love to hear your opinion. 


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