Blogging Challenge – My Warmup and Warmdown 

30 day Blogging challenge coming quickly in your direction. I thought, “hey, let’s do a blog challenge, grow the following, build my brand!” I’m so excited to do this and I hope everyone enjoys it! When I find the link to where I got it, I will definitely provide the link for other blogs that would like to do the same. 

Day 1: Describe your pre and post warmup/cool down routine 

My warm up varies with every activity I do. The warm up and warm down is different for training, gym and casual runs. But I’ll be specific in terms of what I did today! 

Today I did a casual 12 minute run on speed 11 on the treadmill to sort of get rid of the fatigue I have in my legs. 

Warm up:

Now for casual running, I don’t really warm up. I do a few high knees and drills just to get my legs sort of warm and to get into the mindset that yes, I am running now. I do foam roll every day though to release the tension that’s already in my muscles however. 

Warm down: 

My warm down today was a deep stretch from Kayla Itsines BBG 2.0 Guide which I have been following since April 3! It helps to get my heart rate down and just to do some sort of stretch because stretching is important. I foam roll two hours later because foam rolling fresh after any activity is apparently a big no no! 

So there you have it. That’s my warm up/down. I wish I was at track today so that I could’ve given you an in depth explanation. Tell me about your procedures, do you also not warm up for causal runs? Let me know! 


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