My 2017 Season #TimeToSayGoodbye

Today was bitter sweet. It was my last race for my 2017 season and I had a lot of hope but it didn’t go as planned so much. 

I ran at Senior Champs and walked away with a bronze medal which I’m chuffed about, but the wind was horrific so my time was not what I wanted (62). 

Overall this season was tough. I did not make my provincial team but I was so so close this year, it broke my heart that I would not represent my province at nationals. 

This has been an amazing season though. I have gotten 1xsilver, 4xbronze and 2x4th places. I started off as a 200m specialist and now I’m walking into winter as a 400m athlete. 

I pray this will be an amazing winter. I will try keep posting and giving health tips as well as some insight on my running. Thank you all for your support this season and I can’t wait to see what this winter training has in store for me! Time to rest!


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