KZN Secondary Schools Championships 

Another championship filled weekend done and dusted at KingsPark Stadium. 

On Friday I was unexpectedly put into the 400m race where I ran a PB of 60.80 in the heat (whoops) and a 61.01 in the final. My coach says if I hadn’t of PB’d in the heat, I would’ve done even better in the final lol. 

On Saturday it was time for the 200m. This race I was extremely nervous for because it’s a race I consider myself to work extremely hard for. I placed 3rd and got the bronze medal (my second official KZN medal !!). 

This weekend has been a lot for me. Last year I came 7th in 200m and this year I’ve come 3rd! I’m in disbelief I’m also in awe of the times I produced in the 400m this weekend! 
During winter season I have decidded to train for the 400m because my form and speed is perfect for it and my coaches have a lot of belief in me for that distance. 

I am actively resting this week to rest my body after all the hard work it’s been through and next week I’ll be back in preparation for KZN Club Championships. 


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