2016 – A Year In Review

Wow, what a crazy year this has been. 2016 was the year I saw my passion for athletics take new heights and open many doors of possibility and opportunity. If I must be honest, 2016 was a great year of running for me.


In November 2015, I decided to take athletics more seriously. I wanted to make athletics my thing, my niche in life because I believed that I could achieve the amazing things I dreamed to achieve. I remember in 2015 my coach told me that if I wanted to make teams, I would need to be consistent and work hard.

Flashing straight to the end of 2016 and WOW, this year has been my most active year yet! I have never trained as much as I did this year, which I’m sure drove my friends and family crazy because that meant I was unavailable on numerous occasions but I got the opportunity to travel to different provinces and really feel the heat of athletics I have been longing for for a long time. I even got my first gold medal which many of you know, I really wanted.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

With many highs, there were a few lows. Such as not being able to compete after I had driven 7 hours away from home and two possible injuries in my hip and my foot. I am so eternally lucky that I still got back up on my two feet and I am still working hard.

So what do I want in 2017?

  • Make the KZN team and go to SA Champs
  • Medal for 100&200 at KZN Champs
  • Eat more to build muscle
  • Say yes more

I can only see many positives coming up in 2017, and although the times I am dreaming of accomplishing seem to be miles away, I believe I can get it. Currently, I am preparing for my provincial championships and a PUMA race where I have an opportunity to gain sponsorship if I do well. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Years Eve celebration, what are you looking forward to most in 2017 and what are your goals?



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