KZNA League D

Once again the weather pulled through and gave me wonderful placings this afternoon but still need to work on my time. 

I placed 4th overall in the 100m race in 13.55. I’ve been finding it difficult to break 13.55 for a long time and even though last weekend I clocked in 13.09. 

My 200m was diff-I-cult! I had a fantastic start and a powerful 150m but the last 50m I got a wall and started to slow down and ended up placing 2nd in 28.07. Need to work on the powerful finish and drop the time drastically. 

I know I can run a lot faster than this. I’ve been close to breaking 27 but it just seems to get further and further away each race. 

I’m hoping with these next few weeks of training coming up, I can improve my endurance and my form because I really want to reach 25 next year. So so badly. Oh well back to the drawing board 🙂 


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