PMB Tour to Bloemfontein

This tour, honestly and whole heartedly was the worst tour I have ever been on. It was no where near what I was hoping to experience, however not all of it was to horrible though.

I was meant to run the 200m race on Saturday. The previous Sunday, I had run a PB clocking in a 27’00 so I was very hopeful at the results I could produce. Just before they were about to start the 200m race for my age group however, they told me that they did not have me down for the race and unfortunately could not allow me to run.

I am still very upset as I lost a whole weekend travelling for nothing, this also is not the first upset I’ve had in my Athletics journey. I have been through countless ups and downs which I believe that if I was not strong willed, would lead me to quit the sport all together.  A lot of my time has been sacrificed and my parents have contributed a lot to my journey that with all these upsets it makes me question whether I even want to continue running.

I did however meet cool people and grow friendships with those I already knew. I watched my friend who was terrified of running the 3000m race conquer her fear and come 5th out of 15 people. I witnessed two athletes I do not know break records that have stood for a long time. I watched my best friend win her high jump and almost jump  a PB, and I watched my training partner who is also to me a great friend break a record of an Olympian set years ago by Justine Palframan when she was still in school. All these wonderful things I got to see and I am grateful for that.


Although this weekend was not for me. It is not over. I still believe I have great things coming and I am going to rather believe in delayed gratification than want all my success now now now. I still believe in myself and my training that my hard work will pay off. I still believe in me.


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