Another race another day. I had high expectations in this race but my results where quite good and I can see I have a lot to improve on from here onwards. Yesterday I competed in the 100m, 200m and the 400m race.


First race of the day, I would be lying if I said my nerves didn’t get the best of me! I was extremely nervous and had seen most of my competition pull through. My start was slow and I only picked up in the last 400m to come in 4th place in a time of 65. My coach thinks that when I started the race and saw my competition pass me, I switched off and believed the race way over. I’m bleak about my time because on Tuesday I ran a 64! Need to learn to not compare myself, especially in races and to expect nothing, just run your hardest.


My legs were quite warm because of the 400m. So I took a light-ish warm up, not doing too much as the sun was hot and I felt dizzy but ready. Coach’s strategy was to sprint the 100m like it was a 100m race. Did that, and finished with 2nd place and first in my age group in 28,31. My favourite race with the best result, yay! One thing I have definitely learned is that I think I need to intensify my warmup a little more for legs to feel this warm in every other race so I can get this result.


Didn’t trip and fall this time, but I didn’t think that much of this race. I could’ve done better I think ifΒ I had had a better lane (the track was a grass track and it was very bumpy). I finished 4th with an unknown time but I am happy to have placed fourth.

Overall, my performance is a lot better because last year I would finish 4th or 3rd in a heat! So that’s like coming 8th. Yesterday I came second and fourth overall which is the mind-blowing thing. A friend of mine told me that sometimes you are not meant to win, you take every race as a challenge and you learn from it! Back to the drawing board. My next race is on the 17th of September! So I need to crack down those times.


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