First School Meet – Race Report! 

Finally the race day has arrived. I’ve literally been talking about this meet I think since last week. I was captain for the day which meant lots of responsibility. There was a bump but so many highs that I am still in awe! So happy to have seen my winter paying off slowly!

100m Race:

I walked into this race quite confident as I was the most prepared out of my competition. But then a school mate of mine who literally just returned from Junior World Chamos in Poland was running in my heat … So I’d be lying if I hadn’t admitted defeat already. When the gun went off I tripped in the first 5m and pulled out of the race as there wasn’t even a pint in continuing. I’ll be very honest – I was very angry that that happened. I was contemplating whether to do the 400m or not, but because of this upset – I was definitely doing it now. No doubt about it. In the past, there has always been an upset with 100 and success everywhere else so that was my silver lining of the moment. No time to be sad, but rather support my team mates.

400m Race: 

I came second at 66.75 ! When I say I couldn’t breathe before this race, I am not joking! I couldn’t fail here. This had to be my best race! All or nothing right? My coach taught me a breathing technique to get me to focus so I did it (which helped a lot surprisingly). Gun goes and I am off. The first 200 was daunting, and nothing will ever be as daunting as the last 100! My coach was really happy with how I did and so was I. I usually run a 72 in my 400’s but no let’s pull a 66!

200m Race: 

I came second at 28.53! Muscles dead. Body. Exhausted. No excuse, I had to get warm for 200m. I was actually so lazy to warm up that all I did was drills really. Another good race in the bag though, it’s unfortunate that there was a bad headwind in the last 100m. Coach was happy with the results again to today (which makes for a happy athlete) The time that I actually ran today is a second behind my 27 PB so I think that just makes it better!

So Winter training isn’t sooo bad. It’s bad off well so far and it makes me excited for the provincial season. My coach says I need to just do more ploy metrics to build strength which I definitely will be adding ASAP!

Thank goodness for the silver lining at the end of the tunnel. Despite me, my team did some amazing things today that I am proud of!


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